Saturday, January 29, 2011

AI Controlled Workforce

We have been able to buy the AR Drone for some time now, mostly as a toy; but a team of students from the University of Pennsylvania GRASP Lab did something useful and quite interesting with it. With the help of AI, some mods and others tricks, they simulated a swarm of insects building a structure.  Maybe we can say that the "future" is coming, finally. Video after the break.

A Serious Computer for Your Pocket

A couple of weeks ago, at CES, Motorola showed the world their next iteration of the smartphone: Atrix 4G. With its dual-core CPU, capable of running both the phone OS and the individual OS/UIs for different devices (connected via dock), it would be easy to say that the era of the supercomputer in our pockets is approaching fast. Latest promo video after break.