It all started in September 2004 as an experiment/hobby in order to learn what this thing, called blogging, was all about and to created some kind of discussion outlet for things that interested me. Now, The Smoking Knife! has evolved into a news, tech, tutorial and, to some degree, editorial site dedicate to highlight some of the most interesting things around our world.

Recently, most of the coverage has been centered in the technology world, but also, we like to include everyday subjects, that in any form, affect us directly or indirectly. Like our title says, we try to focus in technology, politics, religion, history, computer, hacks, music, sports, Puerto Rico (we are based here), the world and life issues. Because our personal schedules, the quantity of postings is not that great; but we think that the quality has improve over the years.

As editor-in-chief, most of the articles are posted or edited by me; with the exception of guest writers, that from time to time contribute to the site in a voluntary manner. It's good to add, that the work done by The Smoking Knife! do not represent the opinions of our current employers nor we get compensated from any post; besides the Amazon referrals/banners and the Google ads banners, that are part of the Blogger platform; but sadly, neither generate any meaningful revenue to really support the site.

In the end, the purpose of The Smoking Knife! its to be a contemporary outlet for anything interesting enough to grasp our attention and yours, if we can deliver.

Juan Vasquez, Chief Blogger.