Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Google Android is here!

Iphone killer? Quizas; pero lo más cool en mi opinión es que tiene un full size keyboard. Se necesita teclas grandes si uno tiene manos de hombre, verdad? Veremos a ver si lo traen a PR.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Llovieron no gotas, barriles de agua!

Eso de que las lluvias son una bendición solo les funciona a la gente que vive en deciertos. A mi gente de Yabucoa PR mejor les parecio una non-bendición. Aqui hay un video de uno de los canales locales; y lo que aqui cuentan es poco. Por lo menos se preservo la vida. Take care mi gente!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Xbox 360 price drops!!!

As to this Friday, September 5th, 2008; there will be not excuse for not having an Xbox 360. For most people, the best console of this generation, will be even more affordable than a Nintendo Wii. Starting with the Xbox 360 Arcade edition(no hard drive) , Microsoft drop the price 33% to a affordable $199 price tag. The other two bundles receive each one a 50 dollars price drop; $299 for the Xbox 360 Pro(with a 60 gig hard drive) and $399 for the Xbox 360 Elite (with a 120 gig hard drive). So, for the people looking for a affordable gaming behemoth, there you have it! See you on Xbox Live!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cartoons ochentosos

I found this pieces of history poking around on Youtube. Para todos los ochentosos. Enjoy!

My Xbox 360 sucks!

Two weeks ago my Xbox 360 broke. How can this be I ask myself. Well, nothing is forever; not even a piece of technology that cost 400 bucks! It happened while I was playing my beloved fresh copy of GTA IV. I was close to whacking this guy in one of the missions when all of sudden, the screen when white and a pop up came up saying that it cannot read the disk. No problem, try a different disk and see whats up. Well, that didn't work. Now I can't play any game! I even have new games in the shirk wrap! After a week of trying to fix this problem, I decided to call Microsoft costumer service; ...yeah, what a great idea!

After 4 calls and some discussion, because the guys back there did not understand my puertorrican address (idiots?), they conclude that something is wrong with my console (ja!). They are saying that I need to pay 100 dollars to get it fix. WTF!!! the console broke while playing your games! I use it the way it suppose to be use and it broke on me! What the hell?! But no, because my warranty ran out 1 month ago, The cannot fix it for free. No matter if the problem is theirs. So I have 2 choices: buy a new Xbox 360, the cheapest one; or pay the 100 bucks, a get a refurbish unit prone to have the same problems. I think I had been punk! (...piece of shit!).