Friday, September 30, 2011

Kindle Fire, the New Amazon Juggernaut

This week, Amazon announce its new entry to the tablet market: the Kindle Fire. Many of us thought that this would be the truly iPad killer, but as it is the case, it is not and it is. Well, if you are kind of person that believe that productivity is key in your devices; well this tablet is not for you. But if you like to consume content, in the palm of your hand, Amazon has a hit.

The idea that makes this gadget a winner is that, for most of us, productivity is done on a regular PC with mouse and keyboard. Tablets for the most part are relegated to entertainment devices, for consuming content. For regular people, aka, non-tech junkies, there is no reason to spend $500+ on a device just for reading, watching or listening stuff; or to replicate, to a lesser degree, the functionality of their computer; and that's where Amazon gets it right. The price for this thing is just $199. Yep, 200 bucks for all that functionality.

So the question is: Why this is so cheap? Well, this is no iPad 2 nor Honeycomb tablet. With it's last-gen processor, weak sounding 512mb of ram and cheap looking/feeling materials; it is obvious where Amazon cut cost. Also, there are no cameras, no GPS radio and no 3/4G data connectivity. But apparently, that is the propose, the things it has are geared towards media consumption while keeping cost down; and that's a big plus.

On the software side, Amazon took the widely us Android kernel and modified to it's desire. Throughout the device, there are no signs of Google to be found; instead, what you get is a nice cover-flow like interface for your books, apps and media and their cloud-based web browser Silk.

All and all, it looks that Amazon is craving a little niche for themselves in the crowded group of tablets. Does this makes it a winner? We have to wait at least for the coming holiday season, only time will tell. Hit more for... more.

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via Thisismynext, Amazon.