Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nintendo 3DS Shipping Dates Announced

Breaking news! February 26, 2011 for Japan and some day of March, 2011 for the rest of the mayor markets were the dates given by Nintendo to went you will be able to get the next version of their successful portable hardware, the Nintendo 3DS. The price for the unit will be ¥25,000 or $298 in dollar for the Japanese market. Also; a new limited version Super Mario DSi LL (XL in North America), is going to be launch on October 28th in Japan for ¥18,000. Introduction and software lineup videos after the break.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

HP Slate Prototype Unboxed

As most of you know, back in the beginning of 2010, the HP Slate was announce to the world by Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer at CES. Back at that time, the device was quite disappointing by the fact that it was perceive as a mere netbook, without the keyboard, running Windows 7. Well, as it always happens with things that are sold as miracles, the HP Slate, was rolled over by the likes of the Apple iPad, a few other lame Android-base efforts and lately, by the Samsung Galaxy Tab. But a few days ago, a video surfaced on YouTube, claiming to be about a prototype version of the almost forgotten tablet. Video after the break.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Boxee Box Ready To Pre-order at Amazon

It was about time; after the unveiling at CES, the Boxee Box, is finally ready to come to our living rooms! ...Well, it can be pre-order at Amazon with an expected November 2010 release date. Anyways, in case you where living under a rock, Boxee is a home theater, cross-platform, PC software that let you enjoy media, from your computer or internet connection, on you regular TV using a very nice 10' user interface, the one that lets you be a couch potato. To run Boxee, also an off-shoot of XBMC, you needed a HTPC (or a regular PC) connected to your media system in order to enjoy the wonders of IPTV or other internet delivered content gathered by the software. With this new device, manufactured by D-Link and more in the lines of the Roku box, Apple TV and others; the power of the Boxee software can be enjoy without the troubles, if any, of attaching a PC to your big screen TV this November.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Nintendo 3DS Hardware Specs Leaked

By the looks of it, it seems that the next incarnation of the Nintendo handheld is going to be pretty powerful. If IGN's whistle-blower is correct, the Nintendo 3DS will have two 266MHz ARM11 CPUs, a 133MHz GPU, 4MB of VRAM (dedicated), 64MB of RAM and 1.5 GB of flash memory for storage (a 1.5GB SSD?).  As Scott Lowe, of IGN, points out, the ARM11 has been used in the ZuneHD, Apple iPhone and iPod Touch (not the 4Gs) as well in some Android-based smartphones. The fact that it has two of then, at that clock speeds plus the 133MHz GPU, makes this new Gameboy a quite mighty little gadget.

Via: Gizmodo
Source: IGN

Monday, September 6, 2010

Got your new pc, now what? The Laptop Bag.

Now that you got that shinny PC, in this case a laptop computer, you are going to feel the need to buy a laptop bag/case to protect it. First of all, you don't really need a laptop bag if you already have a bag big enough to carry books or documents; like a briefcase, messenger bag or backpack. If you have one of those, quite often; they already have available space for your machine.  If a little bit of paranoia is creeping; a laptop sleeve (portable DVD player sleeve) can solve the problem really easy and on the cheap. Like this one that I got for my EeePC 1000HD a couple of years ago.

These days, most bags can accommodate most laptops PCs up to 15.4 inches;  like the really cheap American Eagle messenger bag. When I got this bag (model no longer on sale), I didn't even think I will be using it to carry my books and notebook PC; it was though as a EDC pack to when I have to run some errants in the city. It doesn't have any good features besides a small zippered pocket inside and another front pocket; but it does the job of carry your stuff plus a computer really well. In the picture, you can see how a 15.4" Sony Vaio  fits quite nicely, with a little room to play.