Thursday, April 29, 2010

"No", can be an answer; in case you didn't know that!

I don't understand why people of certain age group or generation think they are entitle to stuff. I bet you are going to experience this, at least once in your lifetime. One big example  is when people ask for favors. Who in the world told then that when you ask something from somebody, as a favor; let say a friend, family member or some random person, you will always get a 'yes' to your desire?

I've been experiencing this all my life; when a was a kid and now, that I'm suppose to be an adult. There are these people that ask you to do something for then, just as a favor, and when you tell then that you cannot do it they go berserk.

 Like the time a "friend" of mine ask me to borrow my car so he can go on a 3.5 hour trip to "see" his then girlfriend. He tells me: Bro!, can I borrow your car for a quick trip to see my girlfriend? Please man, I'm dying to see her, etc. He didn't think that I may need my car during that time or that I can't lend it to him because if something happened my insurance won't cover it or even the fact that his driver license was expire and I knew that.