Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nokia N9, MeeGo last hope?

Today, Nokia introduced the Nokia N9. A flagship kinda phone based on MeeGo; "the first-ever pure touch smartphone that is all about making things simpler". Because a picture is worth a thousand words and a video even more; here is a little introduction (video after the break). If you need more info (of course you do) , go to the Nokia Conversations official blog post to feast on the juicy details or look at the device data sheet right here (pdf).

Two questions though: Is this the indication of the future Windows Phone 7 devices coming from Nokia? If so, when are we going to see the new those new handsets? Also; seeing how good MeeGo looks, why do the partnership with Microsoft? Don't take me wrong, I dig WP7 but this new UI looks awesome. Update:  Nokia N9 hands-on video!

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Next Version Of Windows Phone (2011)

Joe Belfiore corporate vice president and head of Windows Phone Team at Microsoft presents the next version of Windows Phone OS, codename "Mango" and some of its new features. With the impression of a corporate giant losing its charisma and sleeping in their laurels, Microsoft needs to shake every part of their business in order to impress not only those bored share holders but also the new generation of tech enthusiast. With a great start but slow update process WP faces an uphill battle against the mighty Apple iOS and the hugely popular Google Android platforms. Is it to late for the software giant?
Video after the break.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The End: Goodbye Beloved Books

With the proliferation of ebooks readers, it seems that regular books are going the way of the dodo. Take for example the Amazon Kindle. Sold for $114 (With special offers and sponsored screensavers) and up, it has taken the business of selling book to a new level. The latest data from Amazon  points to the fact that ebooks are outselling regular books. This is also helped by the fact that with the Kindle app, you can take your book to almost any device. Sony and other companies had made this kind devices for quite some time now, but recently, we have seen mass proliferation and adoption thanks to the fact that competition have made their prices really accessible to "regular" consumers.

I always been a fan of books; of course I love to read, but books as an object are quite appealing to me. Just the fact that so much information can be store in so little space, plus the feeling of a good quality book in the hands are really difficult to beat. Another good thing is the fact that no power is needed to use a book, apart for some light source (big all mighty sun comes to mind) and you have all you need to get the experience that you want.