Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Failing Society

Every intelligent person knows that a good education is one of the pillars of a well developed society. For centuries, the greatest powers of the world had relied on their brightest members to fulfill their plans. With recent example like China and India; and old ones like Mesopotamia, Greece or the Roman Empire, education has been key to the development and subsequent achievement of greatness. Let me explain myself: There is a direct relation between education (higher education) and socio-economical well being; period. What's next, is what's going on with our society right know.

With the economy in the tank, and people going crazy killing each other, figuratively and literally, to secure their income and "well being"; people that still are able to think are scrambling for solutions. Lets not start to talk about the quality of living, but it seems that all the solutions revolve around job creation, more government bailouts (to corporation and to the people), more security (enforcing the rule of law) and more of the peace and love thing. But what about education? Do they forget the kind of power that enlighten minds have?

Friday, March 11, 2011

iPad 2, Today is the day!

Finally, is Here! After a long and anguishing wait...(what?), the iPad 2 is finally here. Version 2.0 of what Apple Inc. calls their magical device, would be on sale today starting at 5 pm at your local Apple reseller of choice and at 1am PST at But the question remains, why should I buy the iPad 2? Is it a revolutionary upgrade? Does this means that the iPad that I got for Christmas is already outdated? Well, the simple answer is maybe.

If you care for having the newest gadget or are as fan of Apple products as a Clipper fan, man, you really need an iPad 2. But for the rest of us, here is the important, new stuff: