Friday, September 23, 2011

How to Enable Timeline on Your Facebook Profile

By now, almost everybody knows about the new features coming to Facebook; like bigger picture displays, reorganization of the news feed, the new ticker on the right that shows what people is doing "right now", media integration (music, movies, tv shows), etc. That's what happens when you have some competition, like G+. But what if you want to experience a little bit of the new changes? Well, here is how to enable the Timeline layout for your profile.

First, you'll need to join the Facebook developer app. Simply type 'developer' on the search box in your news feed, click on Developer App and give the proper permissions.

Search for 'developer'

After that, you'll be at the Developer page and it's time to create a new app. Nothing fancy here, just click the 'Create New App' button at the top right, and give it a display name and a namespace in the box that appears.

Not hard to miss

The app display name and namespace could be anything you like; even the same, but there are some restrictions to the namespace though, but nothing agonizing. There is a Captcha here, so be prepare to be annoyed.

Give it a name and namespace

Now, on the page that comes up, click on the Open Graph tab on the left and fill the two boxes; just something that describes your new, future app. Click on the 'Get Started' button and after that, go to your profile. By the way, there is not direct link to your profile on the page, but you always can open a new browser tap or window and go to your FB profile.

Describe your app, maybe you'll get inspired

After you go to your profile, you will see a dialog windows on the top asking if you will like to get the Timeline feature. If you are still reading this, that means that you should hit that 'Get' button right now and enjoy. Let me point out that because this feature has not been rolled-out, only friends that have join the Developer App will be able to see your Timeline.

Facebook timeline