Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Old/New iPod video 5G

Everybody knows that consumer products are designed to be disposable; and of course, the iPod is almost on the top of that list. With it non-user removal battery design and the rest of their draconian measures of "quality and user-friendliness", when your iPod gets damage; it seems that there is no way to repair it by yourself. That's when the folks at iFixit come into play. This guys, famous for their device tear downs, sell all the necessary parts so you can get your hands dirty and start repairing your stuff as any man (and woman of course) should always be able to. From PCs to video games consoles to toasters and most of the Apple products, this people got it covered with great how-to manuals and good prices to boot. Check out some picks of my old iPod Video 5G getting the iFixit display installation after the break.

iPod video 5G torn apart

The broken screen

Up and running with the new screen!