Saturday, September 25, 2010

Boxee Box Ready To Pre-order at Amazon

It was about time; after the unveiling at CES, the Boxee Box, is finally ready to come to our living rooms! ...Well, it can be pre-order at Amazon with an expected November 2010 release date. Anyways, in case you where living under a rock, Boxee is a home theater, cross-platform, PC software that let you enjoy media, from your computer or internet connection, on you regular TV using a very nice 10' user interface, the one that lets you be a couch potato. To run Boxee, also an off-shoot of XBMC, you needed a HTPC (or a regular PC) connected to your media system in order to enjoy the wonders of IPTV or other internet delivered content gathered by the software. With this new device, manufactured by D-Link and more in the lines of the Roku box, Apple TV and others; the power of the Boxee software can be enjoy without the troubles, if any, of attaching a PC to your big screen TV this November.

Here are some pics:
Boxee Box Front

Boxee Box Rear

Boxee Box Remote

10-foot UI

Here are some specs:
Optical Audio
RCA Stereo Audio
WiFi 802.11n
2 USB Ports
SD Card Slot
RF Remote
QWERTY Keyboard

And this is Boxee software/experience: